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Scheduled for release on March 7th, Real Play, a new 3D sex game from the Japanese company Illusion, is already drawing a crowd, through teaser videos, and a trial version available on the official website. Many fans are already commenting that Real Play is dangerously close to the developer’s infamous title Rapelay that caused a heated debate in Western countries, due to its heavy, hardcore content.

Real Play will only be available in Japan, but this does not stop hentai fans from sneaking a peak, especially since Illusion games are the best 3D sex games you can find out there.

Real Play 3D sex game

You can have the girl against the wall, her hands tied, at your mercy

From what can be gleaned from the developer’s website, Real Play will allow you to play different guys having several degrees of forced sex with five astonishing 3D beauties. The trial version will allow you to try out just the first setting and the first girl, but it is enough to get a feel of what the gameplay is going to be like.

First, a little more about the girls. The girl from the trial version, Izumizaki Kana, is on her way back from her part-time job when she is ambushed by a predatory male in a public toilet. She is dressed in what looks like a school uniform, so we all know what kind of fetish is addressed here.

In another setting, you will able to experience sexual pleasures by assaulting a woman who has recently turned widow. Despite her initial restraint, she will not hesitate to cry out her pleasure later on, while having sex in front of her husband’s picture.

Another scene will feature a teacher who is not quite the understanding type, which makes her students hate her guts. Eventually, they assault her after class, and of course, cool 3D sex scenes ensue. (We have little information to date about how group sex is going to be portrayed, but the gossiped 2 males – one female scene could be about the teacher’s abuse.)

You will also be able to engage in 3D intercourse with a sexy security guard and a spy, in adequate settings, forced sex always being on the menu.

Now, about the novelties. If there is anything Illusion games are great at is having the most enticing cast of 3D babes you can find. This time, the models look even better than in older titles, such as the Sexy Beach series, and their various states of undress will make for a delicious experience.

Real Play 3D hentai

She looks ready for something

Here is another thing that Illusion has been working on since Immoral Ward. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of options, when it comes to how the girls are supposed to be dressed when you have sex with them. Torn underwear, skirt but no bra, and many others, are readily available.

The gameplay mainly consists of choosing between two ways of how you want the next scene to play. For instance, in the trial version, you can have the girl on the floor, with her cute ass in the air, or up against the wall, with the skirt lifted, and nothing to protect her against your predatory instincts. You will take the lead from there, but engaging in various acts, such as teasing her boobs, or stimulating her pussy to get her ready for you.

Expect a lot of hot 3D sex from the new Illusion game, Real Play. The facial expressions of the characters, the sounds, the girls, and even the guys, all look top notch. There will be a lot of customization involved, so if you ever go to Japan and you want to play a great 3D sex game, Real Play would be a great option.

For more Illusion games, check out our reviews of Oppai Slider 2 and Sexy Beach Zero. If you are looking for a Western alternative to these 3D sex games, the best recommendation is to try out Hentai 3D 2 Cry of Pleasure, or if you are more into Android sex games, for a bit of pleasant pastime, see what Brandy for Android is all about.

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