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Hot Coffee is the name given to the mini game included in ‘GTA San Andreas’ where you, playing as Carl CJ Johnson, can end up having sex with six different virtual girls, aka your girlfriends. Although the mini game caused such a great controversy that the publisher had to make great efforts to block access to the sex scenes, to avoid losing the rating, a lot of people found ways to access the Hot Coffee mod.

The reason why the mod is called Hot Coffee is because the term ‘coffee’ is used instead of sex. Basically, as you progress through the game, stealing cars and hanging out with the homies, you find some time to get it going with some girls.

Your girlfriend is showing you what coffee really means

Your girlfriend is showing you what coffee really means

There are six sexy virtual girls in the game you can have sex with. Each of them can give you some great perks, proof that getting laid is not only a reward in itself. For instance, you can get some nice cars and clothes that improve your sex appeal.

Other benefits can also be obtained. If you date a nurse, you will get free visits to the hospital, and you will not lose your weapons.

Normally, the sex scenes from Hot Coffee looked nothing like virtual porn. However, fans and talented hackers found a way to apply a ‘nude’ patch to the mini game, so you can see the girls naked when you have sex with them.

The gameplay is pretty simplistic. You use the same controls as you do when dancing to satisfy your girlfriend, and, of course, yourself. While sex in mainstream games is not something you see every day, sex in GTA San Andreas somehow adds to the general appeal of the game. Even if GTA is not a sex game, the fact that you can experience a bit of virtual porn on the side may just make for a pleasant experience.

In GTA San Andreas, sex is like ... dancing

In GTA San Andreas, sex is like … dancing

Normally, the Hot Coffee mod shows the two protagonists having sex while almost fully clothed. Needless to say, a nude patch was soon found by many, and instead of some ‘dry humping’, the players could experience the real deal.

Do not expect too much from the 3D sex rendered on the screen. There is little interaction, except that your fingers will be put to the test to get all the moves right, and you just basically watch what is happening between Carl and his girlfriends.

The subject of sex in GTA San Andreas caused quite a scandal, and there were old grannies and some teenagers involved, as well as lawsuits. To get the matter straight, the developer tweaked the game to eliminate the sex scenes, but that did not stop whoever wanted to see sex in a mainstream game to actually go through the experience.

Working hard to get your girlfriend satisfied

Working hard to get your girlfriend satisfied

Simply put, walking in Carl’s shoes will have you experience a bit of oral sex, missionary positions, doggy style … and many others, depending on the girlfriend. While GTA San Andreas is currently considered an old game, it is still part of a genre very popular among male players.

About the game:

GTA San Andreas is an action adventure game for PC and console, released by Rockstar Games in 2004. While sex in GTA San Andreas is not the main course in the game, it may offer you some pleasant surprises, since having virtual girls as girlfriends comes with some interesting perks, game wise.

Sex in video games may not be very common, but there are now more and more AAA titles ready to address the needs and wants of a mature audience, such as Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Thief 4.

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