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Illusion is a well known producer of hentai games, whose fame has crossed the borders of Japan a while ago. Due to the scandal caused by Rapelay, sold through Amazon by third parties, but then withdrawn from sale due to a wave of complaints from Amazon users, Illusion titles are only sold in Japan. Still, this does not mean that news from the country known for the hottest sex games on the planet do not leak from time to time.

Illusion prepares a new title for this fall – the release date being November 1st, 2013 – called ‘Immoral Ward’.

Immoral Ward Cover

Immoral Ward Cover

As expected from the company, the teaser cover features a voluptuous girl with come hither looks. She is gagged and has a pleading look on her face. Does she want to be released? Does she not? Well, that remains for players to find out.

According to the company website, you are playing the role of a man who is rushed to a hospital after an accident. Once you get checked in, you have the nice surprise to see that this is not your average hospital. The health facility is full with beautiful women with large breasts, and your only goal is to find release with one or more.

When the game will be released, we will return with more information.

Update: New information about the game can be found here.

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