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In Virtually Date Ariane, you go on a date with a virtual girl named, you guessed, Ariane. Ariane is your regular 3D babe seeking for an adventure to shake up a bit her ordinary life. Whether you are her prince charming or not, it may not matter much, especially since 3D girls seem to be quite patient when it comes to learning the ropes about dating.

First you see Ariane through a window. It is enough to say hello, and she will welcome you in. Presumably, hot sexy models from the virtual world haven’t heard about stalkers and sex offenders. But, it is all for the better, especially when you’re into playing adult simulation games, and you simply tell Ariane that you are her date.

Ariane is waiting for you

Ariane is waiting for you

Once you go inside and you get a closer look at Ariane, you will be able to get more personal with her. While hovering the mouse over her, you will notice how your pick up lines change. You can go for the straightforward approach, or you can choose to soothe the atmosphere with more sweet talk. Depending on your actions, Ariane will change her composure and you will be able to tell if the virtual girl is pleased by your actions or not.


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