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The long wait is over! Chathouse 3D is finally here, and this time is actually working! Created by the same team that gave us the amazing Sexvilla 2 and Hentai 3D, the new game is more than a simple sex game; it is a multiplayer virtual sex chat game. What does this mean and why we love it? You may want to read the entire review to find out, but for now let us just say that it’s here, it’s amazing and we like it…. a lot.

Allowing you to chat, flirt and have sex with anyone you wish, completely safe from the comfort of your own home, Chathouse 3D is a dream come true! To meet the desires of all players, a new voyeur mode enables those who want to look only to have their wish granted by visiting the virtual rooms in search of a good peep show.

Chathouse 3D

Let the fun start!

Making the best virtual sex chat game was not an easy task. Since its announcement, the developers delayed the release of the game a couple of times, and each time for good reasons. But in the end, did this 3D sex game deliver on its promise?

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Moero Downhill Night 2 gets us a further on the story of the epic Moero Downhill Night eroge. After an entire generation we come back to the Downhill Night racing scene just to take off again on another exciting adventure with plenty of sex, cars and hot girls. This game features gorgeous graphics and an excellent story, just as we got used by the makers of this series.

Start your engine and… Ready! Set! GO!

Moero Dowhill Night 2

Start your engines!

Just like the previous title, Moero Downhill Night 2 keeps us engaged in a racing drama featuring sexy girls and bad boys that compete with each other and for each other in a totally illegal racing event. Keeping you on your edge with each episode, the game delivers a good story and plenty of hot action in a mix that delights everyone.

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Developed by Trabulance – the same guys behind titles like Come See Me Tonight and Do You Like Horny Bunnies? – and localized for the English market by G-Collections, I’m Gonna Serve You 4 is a cute comedy hentai game, where you get to play the role of a totally ordinary dude who, by chance, has a bunch of girls fighting for him. A dating sim in its pure form, I’m Gonna Serve You 4 does have its dramatic moments, and, for this reason, can be considered one great addition to anyone’s collection of hentai games.

I'm Gonna Serve You 4 hentai game

Who wants to be served by these beauties?

Story wise, I’m Gonna Serve You 4 does not seem particularly different from other dating sims. You play the role of Koji Aoyama, a simple ordinary guy who, one day, suffers a terrible car accident and is whisked off to the US, to receive proper medical care. Before you start thinking this is promising, in an Immoral Ward sense of the word, do not jump to conclusions just yet. Nothing happens while your character lies on his hospital bed in America. Everything starts getting a nice turn, once he comes back to Japan.

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Tsuki Possession is a hentai game created by ZyX in 2001, and localized for the English speaking audience two years later, by G-Collections. This eroge title gravitates around rape fantasies at their kinky best, and it follows the adventures of a young man who, one day, feels darkness growing inside and pushing him to subject all the beautiful women around to some quite degrading sexual acts. Tsuki Possession is a straightforward nukige, a type of hentai game in which sex scenes abounds, and perversions are portrayed in all shapes and sizes.

Tsuki Possession hentai game

Transforming beautiful girls into sex slaves is the main purpose of this hentai game

In case you are expecting some kind of plot or romance, turn around right now. Tsuki Possession is a dark hentai game, with no redeemable main character. While there are so called ‘good endings’, reaching them is very difficult and they are not entirely good, just a little better than the bad ones. All in all, if you want to play the role of a really bad, bad boy, Tsuki Possession allows you to get crazy with all the dark fantasies you may have involving beautiful anime girls.

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Rockstar is no stranger to causing trouble, each time they release a new game for their popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. As expected, the last installment, GTA V, enjoys its fair share of moral outcries, over its graphic violence, and, of course, sexual content. While the game is one year old, its recent launch on next gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, implemented something new: experimenting everything through the eyes of your character, including having sex with prostitutes.

GTA V prostitute

Paying for sex is possible in GTA V

Apparently, the whole point of view debate managed to hurt some users with outstanding morals. Rockstar seemingly succeeding doing something Oculus Rift was expected to deliver: allow players to engage in first person POV sex with a prostitute. No matter how titillating that may sound, it is actually less than what you would expect. It is even less than what you can see when you are playing the Hot Coffee mod in GTA: San Andreas.

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Virtual Hot Jessy for Android is a brand new sexy game app, created by Virtual Hot, a developer who makes mobile games for mature audiences. Combining an easy to learn gameplay with beautiful images of a naked virtual 3D girl, Virtual Hot Jessy for Android is fun, entertaining and, above all, sexy. We tried it and we loved it, now you ca read all about it!


Read our review and if you want to get the game for yourself, click on the buy link. As always, whenever you buy a Virtual Hot game from us you will get a nice discounted price. This time our price is 33% off!

Virtual Hot Jessy Android sex game

Virtual Hot Jessy for Android start menu

The new Virtual Hot girl, Jessy is a stunning blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and delicious plump lips. Her doll like face is, however, just one of her many assets. You will have the opportunity to see her posing for you, completely naked, in all kinds of provocative positions. Her D cup boobs and perky ass will definitely make your time spent on this game very enjoyable.

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Virgin Roster is a hentai game developed by ZyX and localized for English by G-Collections. In case you like sweet romance stories with a dash of hentai, turn away right now. Virgin Roster is nothing of the kind and quite the opposite. Garnering attention especially for the dark sides of sex explored throughout the storyline, Virgin Roster is one of the most perverted hentai games released to date.

Virgin Roster pervy hentai game

Beautiful girls are the main character’s target in this hentai game

In this visual novel, you play the role of an absolute man-devil. While your character, Kengo Inui, is a rather attractive man – opposed to the usually wimpy males featured in hentai games – he has a black heart. He is quite popular with ladies, and there is absolutely nothing stopping him from romancing any woman around him, but this is not what he is after. He is just the type of guy who gets off on raping and transforming women into his personal sex slaves. Plus, he has quite a developed taste for virgins. If you’re ready to learn more about one of the darkest hentai games ever created, read further.

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Welcome to Virtual Sex Games October monthly recap. We had a little bit of everything in the month that has just passed, as we received news from the mainstream video game industry, we played melancholic Japanese sex games, and enjoyed some nice hentai comedies. If you want to know more about what games flared up our imagination in October, read further.

We started with something light and fun, a hentai comedy game called Come See Me Tonight, where you get to romance three sisters, their mother – who is also your aunt – , plus a cute girl who, surprise! is not a relative of yours. While the male protagonist is trying hard to find his path in life, he is constantly pursued by all the females around, which makes it kind of hard to keep a straight head.

Come See Me Tonight sexy anime babe

Who could resist such a sexy cutie?

Come See Me Tonight is a dating sim with plenty of hentai scenes for each of the female characters. The best part is that once you unlock all the main routes, you will be able to play the harem scenario, and enjoy having all the girls at once. As far as comedy hentai games go, this is a great choice, and the female cast will keep you great company while you follow the story line.

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Target: Pheromone is a hentai game developed by Trabulance and localized for English speaking players by G-Collections. Featuring beautiful ladies, a lighthearted storyline, and more than a few funny moments, Target: Pheromone, also known after its Japanese name Tottemo Pheromone, is one great recommendation for those who like hentai comedy games. In this ecchi game, you are not required to work hard towards achieving all the good endings (meaning getting it on with all the female protagonists), so, if you are into having a lot of fun while enjoying plenty of sexy hentai scenes, this game is the best choice for you.

Target Pheromone hentai game

Silk may be a witch, but she is a very sexy one

You play the role of a regular college student who has to go to Tokyo in order to pursue his studies. Your name is Takuya Sakuragi and there is nothing really special about you, so you are not exactly lucky in the romance and sex department. All is about to change, however, from the moment you set foot in your cousin’s home, and you meet a beautiful girl who will have a strange requirement from you.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition, the newest installment in the popular series created by BioWare, is scheduled for release on November 18th, and ERSB hurried to explain the mature rating that will be slapped on the game label. As expected from a company that does not shy away from using mature themes in their games, BioWare will be using plenty of swear words, violence, blood and gore, and, of course, nudity and sexual content.

Dragon Age Inquisition sex

Sexy females will be a fixture in this Dragon Age game

Until we get to play the real game, we will have to make do, however, with the cold facts offered by ERSB in regards to the content in Dragon Age: Inquisition, deemed unsuitable for minors. According to the rating board, players will get the chance to experience some sexual content. An oral sex scene will happen at some point, and many characters will show up in the buff, so there will be plenty of nude boobs and butts on the screen.

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