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Welcome to Virtual Sex Games September monthly recap. From romance to kink, we enjoyed our fair share of hentai titles, and we also delighted ourselves with new scenes from an upcoming mainstream title that will have just the right amount of sex in it, so that it does not get a harsher rating from video games rating agencies. Do you want to learn more about the games we picked last month? Just read on our September monthly recap!

Snow Drop romantic hentai game

Snow Drop is a romantic hentai title set at a winter lodge

With summer days fading to autumn, we decided it would be a great time to play a dating sim set in the heart of winter, so we picked up from the pile Snow Drop, a cute erotic little story, where you get to enjoy walking in the shoes of a teenage boy, as he is practically assaulted by beautiful anime girls, all wanting nothing but to get into his pants. As is the case with many visual novels, your character is somehow the luckiest man alive, as there seems to be no other male around to draw the ladies’ attention. Since we do not play hentai games for their realism that is an aspect we do not care for at all.


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Lightning Warrior Raidy II is the acclaimed sequel of the first game featuring the adventures of Raidy, a girl with badass attitude and a sexy armor to go with it. Developed by ZyX in 2007, and localized for the English speaking audience by G-Collections in 2010, this adult oriented Japanese game is worth every word of praise it has received so far. A hentai RPG in the old school sense, with dungeons and monster girls lurking around dark corners, Lightning Warrior Raidy II excels in the quality of graphics for the H scenes and the amount of kinks included. If you thought the first game was deliciously perverted, you will definitely enjoy the sequel.

Lightning Warrior Raidy II hentai RPG

Raidy looks hot and ready for her new adventures

This hentai RPG game combines elements of dungeon crawlers with those of visual novels. The game has a story, interrupted by battles, as Raidy valiantly enters dungeon after dungeon to save sexy girls from the fate of being turned into sex slaves. In a nutshell, it is the same story you may be familiar with from the first Lightning Warrior Raidy, but this time, it is hotter, sexier and kinkier. Plus, let’s not forget that this time Raidy is no longer a virgin. So, let’s follow Raidy and her hentai adventures in a new realm.


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The latest Tokyo Game Show was an opportunity for Japanese game developers to show the cards they usually keep up their sleeves for upcoming titles. One of the titles that drew the audience’s attention and not only is Yakuza 0, the latest installment in a series with quite a following in Japan, but not much loved or known outside the country’s borders.

Yakuza 0 sexy girls

Betting on girl fights is just a way of making money

The new game will feature relentless struggles for power in a 1988’s Japan where money is pouring in waves and everyone wants a cut. The thing that drew our attention was the inclusion of sexy themes, although the guy behind the story, Masayoshi Yokoyama, says that they are doing everything in their power to keep the game’s rating low, so that more people would enjoy it. However, developers have every intention to make the sexy bits as erotic as possible without being punished with a higher rating from CERO, the Japanese equivalent of ERSB.


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Idols Galore! is a hentai game developed by Sekilala, the same developer behind titles such as Cat Girl Alliance and Cosplay Fetish Academy. Brought to the Western audience and translated into English by G-Collections, Idols Galore! is not exactly your average dating sim. While the same scenario is played, with you in the shoes of a male character who must choose between gorgeous beauties to seduce and have sex with, there are some differences from the run of the mill visual novels out there.

Idols Galore hentai sex game

To get to the girls, first you have to deal with the sexy manager

First things first, have you ever dreamed of having a gorgeous J-Pop idol in your bed? If your answer is ‘yes’, then this game may be exactly what you are after. The female protagonists are beautiful idols who you must manage and get on the track so that they become even sexier and more adorable than they already are. Actually, the scenario is meaner and a bit darker than that, but, in the end, all is well when it ends well, because you can sleep with all the girls, and get a harem scenario on top of it all.


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Snow Drop is a hentai title from Will, a Japanese game developer, published for the Western audience by Peach Princess in 2001. A cute, romantic story, Snow Drop is your typical visual novel, where you make various choices in order to get to the fun parts. Like in many other dating sims, you play the role of a regular teenage boy, who will get involved with a bunch of pretty girls. What makes Snow Drop different from other dating sims is its beautifully drawn winter background on which the events will unfold.

Snow Drop hentai

The winter lodge is full of temptations

What may irk you most about Snow Drop is the fact that it is quite a short game. A few hours, at best, are necessary to reach all the possible endings. But, since one of these endings is about having sex with your 18-year old sister, the story may still pick your interest. The graphics are nice, the girls are cute, and the story, while short, is entertaining. Romantic and lighthearted, Snow Drop makes for a nice hentai game to play when outside the weather is too hot to handle, which is why we decided to include this title in our collection for the month of August.


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Welcome to Virtual Sex Games July monthly recap. We had our hands full last month, playing hentai games, a new dance simulation with a sexy twist from Thrixxx, as well as a new hot Android sex game for mobile devices using the popular operating system. Do you want to know more? Just join us for the July monthly recap!

The Sagara Family hentai game scene

The Sagara Family lets you hook up with cute anime girls

For starters, we picked for our collection of Japanese sex games, the popular title The Sagara Family, ideal to fill our hot summer days. With a harem scenario available, and a lot of kinky sex scenes involved, this hentai title did not let us down. The Sagara Family starts from the widespread male fantasy, of living with a bunch of sexy girls under the same roof, and it quickly moves from there to a full fledge sex game where you can practically sleep with any woman you want.


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Virtual Hot Jessy for Android is a brand new sexy game app, created by Virtual Hot, a developer who makes mobile games for a mature audience. Combining an easy to learn gameplay with beautiful images of a naked virtual 3D girl, Virtual Hot Jessy for Android is fun, entertaining and, above all, sexy. We tried it and we loved it, now you ca read all about it!

Read our review and if you want to get the game for yourself, click on the buy link on the bottom of this page. As always, whenever you buy a game from us you will get a nice discounted price. This time our price is 33% off!

Virtual Hot Jessy Android sex game

Virtual Hot Jessy for Android start menu

The new Virtual Hot girl, Jessy is a stunning blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and delicious plump lips. Her doll like face is, however, just one of her many assets. You will have the opportunity to see her posing for you, completely naked, in all kinds of provocative positions. Her D cup boobs and perky ass will definitely make your time spent on this game very enjoyable.


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Cat Girl Alliance, also known as Koneko Doumei (its Japanese title), is a hentai game developed by Sekilala. Although the Japanese version was released in 2004, the English localization was released six years later, in 2010, by G-Collections. Advertised by the publisher as the “most ecchi” title in their collection of hentai games, Cat Girl Alliance features plenty of kinky themes, such as futanari (hermaphrodite), cosplay and sex training to a whole new level.

Cat Girl Alliance Cosplay

Wearing a cat outfit is the least kinky activity the health club is known for

You play as Tachibana Eiji, a regular run of the mill male student, who happens to be in the same junior college with a trio of sexy girls, known under the name of Cat Girl Alliance. Besides the regular cat cosplay that Japanese love to death, you will discover that there are other common interests that keep together these beautiful babes.


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3D GoGo 2 is a new sexy dance simulator from the creators of the popular interactive sex games 3D SexVilla 2 and Hentai 3D 2: Cry of Pleasure. If you have ever dreamed of having a professional dancer perform only for you, 3D GoGo 2 is ready to turn your dreams into reality. Using high quality mocap animations based on dance moves performed by exotic dancers, this 3D simulator combines a quirky style of gameplay with the pleasure of watching gorgeous 3D babes dancing on a virtual stage dressed in sexy outfits, as well as partially and completely naked.

3D GoGo 2 Sexy Dance Simulator

Create your own exotic dancer to perform for you

3D GoGo 2 is more like two games in one. One is the actual dance simulator, where you need to prove your skill at tapping the keyboard to make combos and increase your score, while the girl on the screen rewards you with her special moves on sexy beats. The other is the customizer, and this is the part you will start with.


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The Sagara Family is one of the most popular dating sims created by the Japanese developer ZyX, known for titles such as Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and Lighting Warrior Raidy. Exploring the well spread male fantasy of living under the same roof with a bunch of kinky beautiful women, The Sagara Family is very rewarding from all points of view, since you can hook up with more than one girl at a time, and there is a harem scenario available after you unlock the entire game.

The Sagara Family sex

Living with so many women under the same roof has its perks

In this hentai game, you play the role of Yusuke Nonohara, a young man ready to take on the challenges of college life in Tokyo. Since your father seemingly prefers to avoid spending too much money on your accommodations, he sends you to the Sagara family, which, to your surprise and delight, is comprised only of females: the mother, Maria, who looks like she’s not one day over 30 years of age, and four beautiful daughters.


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Welcome to Virtual Sex Games June monthly recap. Last month, we focused on dating sims with a spin, but we did not forget about how great is to combine action with hentai scenes. We have also received news from the mainstream video game industry, and what encouraging news those were! Interested to see where our perverted minds have taken us in June? Here is the monthly recap of the virtual sex games we played.

There is nothing better than a romantic comedy with a dash of sex in it to enjoy at the beginning of summer. We started off with Heart de Roommate, a dating sim where your most important goal in life – in your virtual one, of course – is to finally grow a pair, and raise from the wimp status to that of a real man.

Heart de Roommate sex

Suddenly, the male character in Heart de Roommate looks less of a whimp

Heart de Roommate is one of those hentai games that will leave you with a pleasant fuzzy feeling after you finish them. The main focus on the game is not on sex, but more on navigating your character’s way out of all the messy situations he gets in. Nonetheless, the hentai scenes you will unlock with each girl are something to write home about – not to your parents, though – so Heart de Roommate is totally worth the trouble.


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The official date for the release of The Sims 4 is not until September 2nd, but this does not mean that EA does not want some publicity beforehand. June is celebrated as the month of LGBT pride, and the marketers did not miss the occasion to remind players that they will have the complete liberty to date and marry who they want, same gender options completely open.

the sims 4 lgbt pride

As you can see, there are many possibilities for your simulated character to choose from

The Sims franchise never shied away from same sex couples, and it is not going to back down now. Towards the end of June, in celebration of LGBT pride month, EA published a picture on Twitter, showing the support the company has for people wearing all colors of the rainbow, when love and sex come in the picture. From what we can tell, besides the lesbian couple with child, and two guys being more than friendly, as well as the hetero couple with a baby in their arms, there is also a combination worth mentioning – two girls and one guy.


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